What are the characteristics of a Godly Man?


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I wanted to pass on an awesome series of podcasts to fill your iPod. During the previous 2 weeks, Woodrow Kroll from Back to the Bible has been doing a Bible study series on the characteristics of a Godly man. He actually started the study on Job during the week of Father’s Day, and decided to continue the series and turn it into a study of the Godly Man. Dr. Kroll has an incredible list of characteristics that includes:

1. Godly Men are the Leaders in Their Homes

2. Godly Men are the Protectors in Their Homes

3. Godly Men are the Teachers in Their Home

4. Godly Men Provide for Their Homes

5. Godly Men are the Priests in Their Homes

6. Godly Men are the Worship Leaders in Their Homes

7. Godly Men are the Lovers in Their Homes

8. Godly Men are the Disciplinarians in Their…

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When I listen to this song it reminds me that tho I am far from perfect God’s love towards me is so grand that He still sees me as that…perfect through His son Jesus Christ.  Yes He sees my imperfections He see all my faults and shortcomings but He also sees my what I am becoming and what He is going to do through me.  I thank God for that amazing grace and above all His never ending love.